With Acesse, you can:

Create new V-Services accounts! (More info)

Earn iRewards! (More info)

Redeem Certificates! (More info)

What are V-Services?

V-Services are the essential business and communication tools that you need to take your business to the next level!

How Acesse Services Works:

You can create new service accounts from the Acesse™ services page. Once your accounts have been created they will be placed in your Acesse™ Dashboard. For more information and a complete list of available V-Services products visit the services page.

Now you can get rewarded for searching on the web with Acesse™! Every time you make a search on Acesse™, you will get an iReward credit that you can accumulate and redeem in the future for additional V-Credits, which you can use to purchase with your V-Services! You can also build up your iRewards and redeem for merchandise on Amazon.com.

Both Free Surfers and Preferred (AP) Customers earn iRewards when they view and rate online ads in the AdView platform and introduce others who do the same. For every online ad you View and Rate on the AdView Platform, you earn an iReward. You can earn additional Bonus iRewards when you invite your friends and family to become Free Surfers and they view ads.

V-Services includes tools like:

Acesse Ads featuring our Acesse™ search engine and global ad rotator, to give you target advertising with a global market.